Escape Beginner's Hell and Become a 10th Planet Assassin

Live BJJ Instructionals With Eddie Bravo Black Belt, Patrick Donabedian

What is a live instructional?

A live instructional is an online video course that gets built as you're taking it.

Here me out a bit…

Have You Experienced Any of These with Regular Instructionals?

  • You learned a step-by-step guard pass that got blasted by the speed and slipperiness of no-gi guard player
  • You tried to mimic a black belts smooth inversion and crashed and burned (because you're not an acrobatic teenager)
  • You got bogged down in an encyclopedia of Jiu-Jitsu information and forgot how to not get your leg broken

What Can I Accomplish with a Live Instructional?

  • Make the rapid pace of nogi feel like slow motion
  • Understand the hidden battle-lines for all positions from top to bottom, offense to defense
  • Calmy defend leg locks and guillotine chokes and expertly attack them yourself
  • Raise your Jiu-Jitsu IQ by studying the pros and teach yourself new moves in a fraction of the time it normally takes
  • Decode the 10th Planet System, play rubber guard, and hit twisters in your rolls (without needing crazy flexibility)
  • Set better grappling goals, make a plan, and be held accountable so you can achieve them
PD Coaching photo

How Does This Work?

  • We start with a 1-on-1 private coaching call on Zoom where we get you onboarded and set your #1 grappling goal
  • You watch video instructionals that I've created to help you achieve your exact goal (shot at 10PHQ & delivered straight to your Dayslayer iOS/Android App)
  • You join Q&A sessions on Zoom where you can ask me technique questions and I update instructionals to troubleshoot your sticking points
  • You join Live Film Study Sessions on Zoom where I breakdown the same moves performed by the pros that you just learned in the app
  • You use my exact Journaling Template to achieve your biggest grappling goals (another easy-to-use phone app)
  • You get access to my deep and growing archive of Film Study Sessions that tie directly to my instructionals
  • You join the Dayslayer Discord for technique questions, goal accountability, and direct message access to me and the rest of the Dayslayer Tribe

A Peak Into a Film Study Session…


What My Students are Saying


“Leg Locks are so much easier to understand with Patrick's simple IKEA framework.” -Mitchell F.

“I've had so many aha moments since joining the Dayslayer Tribe. I can finally go for takedowns without being terrified of guillotine chokes.” -David T.

“Between classes and the Jiu-Jitsu Internet I was in constant information overload. Now I'm training with intention and not just gassing out off my back every roll. -Jeff H.

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