Would You Like 7 Proven BJJ Tools That Will Drastically Improve Your Rate of Improvement?


In this exclusive online program I will share with you SEVEN powerful BJJ Concepts and Training Tools:

  1. The '80/20′ of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Drilling
  2. How to learn twice as much as others from every single roll
  3. How Black Belt's Solve BJJ Problems differently from Blue Belts
  4. How to Overcome the Most Common BJJ Mental Barriers
  5. How to Advance from the Closed Guard Position in Any Scenario
  6. How to incorporate data and measurement to accelerate your development
  7. How to use this Secret BJJ Learning tool like the competition pros

Exactly what you're getting:

  • 7 Competition Level Tools that I've designed and battle tested delivered in PDF format
  • My ‘How to Tap Your First Blackbelt' Mini-Course
  • Unlimited Access to my BJJ Video Vault

The BJJ Mastery Toolkit