Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC

BJJ Private Coaching Membership Agreement

Client: Evan Doornink

Coach: Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC


Coach to Provide: Total of 12 private sessions per month to Client for an average of 3 BJJ private sessions per week.

Client to Provide: Recurring payment of $1668 per month to Coach via Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC payment processor at


Membership Payment Term: This is a recurring month-to-month retainer. The client may alter, freeze or terminate their membership before the start of a given monthly period.


Session Cancellation Policy: Coach or Client may cancel a session at no charge provided notice is given at least 12 hours before the scheduled session. The cancelled session will remain on the client balance and may be carried over to the following month as long as private coaching membership is active. Session balances will be tracked and viewable via Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC calendar invitations.

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