Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC

BJJ Private Coaching Retainer Agreement

Coach: Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC

Coach to Provide: Minimum of 8 private 1-hour sessions per month to be serviced on a twice-weekly basis.

Client to Provide: Payment of $880 per month to Coach via payment processor at

Payment: Monthly retainer will be debited from Client's account automatically on the same date every month. The client may alter, freeze or terminate their membership before the start of a given monthly period.

Session Cancellation Policy: Coach or Client may cancel a session at no charge provided notice is given at least 12 hours before the scheduled session. The cancelled session will remain on the session balance. This session may be rescheduled or carried over to the following month.

Session Carry-Over: Excess sessions from previous month(s) may be carried over to the next month as long as the present month has been paid. Total carry-over sessions cap at a maximum of 5 sessions. Session balances will be tracked and viewable via Patrick Donabedian BJJ, LLC calendar invitations.

4.5 Weeks/Month Clause: Sessions will occur on a twice-weekly basis with 8 sessions guaranteed to the Client each month. In the case of a potential 9th session occurring before the next payment period, the Coach may provide a discretionary bonus session without consideration for additional payment or subtraction from the next month's session balance. This bonus session is not guaranteed.