10P DaySlayers | Early Morning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Group Training

In 3-6 months you can become more dangerous than 99.9% of the population.

Beginners welcome. No experience necessary. No sparring required.


Why People Join This Class:

  • Acquire the full BJJ skillset — takedowns, positional control, submissions, ground defense — that's ready at any moment to protect you and your family
  • Big or small, be the guy all your friends would call for back up
  • Be comfortable in discomfort and gain real confidence from practicing worst-case scenario positions
  • Get daily inspiration to tackle your toughest challenges at work and at home
  • You just got your hardest workout done while most people are still in bed
  • Master unarmed combat without getting injured or losing brain cells
  • Network with the BJJ community while surrounded by high-calibre, early-risers
  • Unleash your inner-warrior in a modern civilized world
  • Get the satisfaction of chesslike manuevering and improvement within the game of BJJ

The Jiu Jitsu Mastery Development Process

  • Tactical Download

  • Drill to Kill

  • Resistance Games

  • Data Mining

BJJ Morning Class by Patrick Donabedian (10th Planet HQ)

The class will be led by BJJ Black Belt Patrick Donabedian (Right).

What to expect when you attend this class:

  • A light warmup of BJJ calisthenics to prevent injury and increase mobility. They are easy to learn and anybody can do them
  • Work through some of the core Jiu-Jitsu movements such as Bridging, Shrimping, and Underhook Pummeling
  • Get a step-by-step lesson covering takedowns, ground control, and submissions
  • Repetition drills for increased coordination and speed
  • Partner reaction drills to build reflexes and decrease panic
  • Resistance drilling to simulate opponent (no sparring required)
  • Live sparring (sparring is optional and monitored by a coach)
  • Or technique review, Q&A, and extra repetition drilling
  • Safe, novice-friendly, cooperative atmosphere
  • Feel free to just watch if it's your first class
  • Showers and gear storage available
  • You will need to sign a waiver before participating.

Class Info:

Patrick's class runs every weekday M-F at 630am @ 10th Planet HQ (Downtown LA).

There is a $30 drop-in fee per class. Weekly & Monthly passes are available. Inquire and purchase at 10th Planet.

All students must sign a waiver before participating.

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