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Adopt a Foward Tilt

You are not punished FOR your sins. You are punished BY your sins. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in Hell to buy this statement. New age thinkers will chant that all your feelings [...]

The Luxurious 5am'er

I used to love squeezing in bonus sleep occassionally. Those extra 10-15 felt sooooo gooood that occassionally soon turned into constantly. More and more I’d have to rush out the door to whatever [...]

Hold Your Pee

Before I explain the title, answer this: Is your mind master of your body or is your body master of your mind? If your answer is the latter you’re a slave. You’re a slave to the passions. To your [...]

Your Body is a Buzzkill

Have you ever been excited about a new idea? Then you start the project and thoughts start creeping in like: “I’m already bored” “This is too complex” “This will never work” “This is too hard” [...]

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