I'll put this one right upfront: Laugh at yourself when you screw up.

For example, when your coach barks at you for incorrect handwork on the Arm Drag.

You probably say/think:

“Right, understood, got it” — Lying to yourself, your mind wants it but your body ain't there yet.

“Shit I knew that, it’s my weak side” — Making excuses, weak side will stay weak.

“Damn it I always do that” — Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, the cardinal worst IMO.

These put your brain in a judgmental approval-seeking *survival state*.

Whereas laughing at yourself puts your brain in a playful emotionally-detached *executive state*.

This is where neauroplasticity kicks in. AKA your brain & body change.

Practice it at home. Next time you spill something in the kitchen or forgot someone’s name or just doom scrolled for 40 minutes…

Say to yourself, “Oh you so so silly” (with a lisp for extra neuroplasticity👌🤓).

P.s. Don’t say this at the gym. Just smirk like it’s your own inside joke, which it is.