What if you could do the impossible like Joan of Arc did?

Meanwhile, you're stuck saying things like, “I’m going to try to show up for training tomorrow.” Why’d you add try? Because you’re hedging against the unknown:

-In case you don’t get good sleep

-In case people interrupt your plans

-In case you don't have enough time

You’d hate to take the L by failing to act on your word. You’re conditioned to believe you can only take so many Ls.

In baseball there were 3 strikes. In football 4 downs. In the classroom one final exam. You could only place x many bets, so you stopped betting on yourself.

Let's take a look at this quote from Joan of Arc:

“You men of England…leave your fortresses and go back to your country; or I wIll produce a clash of arms to be eternally remembered. I am writing this for the third and final time; I will not write anything further.” -Joan la Pucelle

The English responded by calling her a whore. She took an arrow through the shoulder. Her army won the battle of Orléans 3 days later and France eventually won the 100 Years War.

She didn’t try. She bet her life on it.

Joan of Arc went on to take some major Ls in later battles. Ultimately she was burned at the stake.

Only if you’re lucky will you be martyred and heralded for centuries. Until then you can afford to bet on yourself and pile up those Ws and Ls ad infinitum.

It may be hard to believe as you are now but the story of your unknown future self could be just as epic as Joan’s.

Don’t hedge. Go all in.

// Patrick Donabedian