Before I explain the title, answer this: Is your mind master of your body or is your body master of your mind?

If your answer is the latter you’re a slave. You’re a slave to the passions. To your biological impulses.

If you’re cool with that, carry on.

If not, try one of these today:

-When out at a cafe, order a drink you don’t like as much as your usual choice

-When at home and you have to pee, set a timer to wait 5 minutes

-When showering turn down the heat a bit. Not a cold shower, just enough so it’s not luxuriously hot

The point is NOT to crack the whip on yourself. It's not to never enjoy anything ever again.

The point is to be micro-practiced for the bigger battles—when you have the urge to use pornography or have that sip after 12 months of sobriety.

The point is to find little moments to love yourself enough to become more master and less slave.