The Nogi Problem Solver (SP)

The No-Gi Problem Solver


Go from being the “easy roll” to technically dismantling younger stronger athletes…even if you started BJJ well after 30.

Hi, I'm Patrick Donabedian, an EBI veteran and black belt under Eddie Bravo.

During my 10 years in BJJ, I've trained with and competed against hundreds of the worlds best grapplers and MMA fighters. More recently, my attention has been on a different type of fighter — normal guys who run businesses, who have far too many kids, and who's bodies are perfectly sculpted…for office chairs.

I coach these “normal” guys at the ungodly hour of 6:30am.

They wake up so early to fight people because 1. They have a trillion responsibilities and no other time to train, and 2. Because they are insane Type A competitive personalities who demand to get good at whatever they do as quickly (and early in the day) as possible.

And they absolutely LOVE the gentle art.

The problem is…

As BJJ becomes more and more popular the art becomes less and less gentle.

This is because natural athletes, super geniuses and 20 year olds without jobs are in every gym learning all the same lessons as you….and executing every technique better.

Humility is certainly a great virtue of Jiu-Jitsu. But you shouldn't consistently leave the gym with less confidence than you walked in with.

Do you ever leave the gym thinking…

“Would I even be able to take the fight to the ground in real life situation?”

“I guess I'm just a slow learner. I'll need to train 5 times as much as most people”

“Turtling seems to be my only excuse for a bottom game “

“Between family and job, can I train enough to actually get good at this?”


I've created and built a step-by-step course that any one can use to systematically improve their game, solve problems and defeat more experienced opponents.

  1. How to pinpoint the biggest hole in your game and fix it
  2. How to Pick a style that's guaranteed to work for your body type
  3. How to 10x your memory of new techniques and critical details
  4. How to increase mobility and coordination in your legs
  5. How Black Belt's Solve Problems differently from Blue Belts
  6. How to learn twice as much as others from every single roll
  7. How to incorporate data and measurement to accelerate your development
  8. How to use this Secret BJJ Learning tool like the competition pros

This program will walk you step by step through the entire learning process of BJJ.

  • Think Like a Fighter

  • Choose a Proven System

  • Upgrade the Brain & Body

  • Innovate & Win

Exactly what you're getting:

  • 16 Competition Level Tools that I've designed and battle tested delivered in PDF format
  • BJJ Gameplanning
  • The BJJ Memory Bank
  • The Guard Retention Guide
  • The Guantlet Stress Test
  • The Jedi Decision Tree
  • My ‘How to Tap Your First Blackbelt' Mini-Course
  • BONUS: Unlimited Access to my BJJ Knowledge Vault

The Nogi Problem Solver