Concierge Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training
designed to give you all of the fun
and none of the injuries

A 1-on-1 private coaching experience that brings the mats to your home or office throughout LA County



Meanwhile Zuckerberg goes on JRE bragging how Jiu-Jitsu makes him a better CEO and father.

Tom Hardy is out there competing in tournaments armbarring twenty year-olds.

Wouldn't the world be fairer if billionaires and celebrities blew their money on yachts and cocaine…instead of cultivating healthy habits?


Better question: how do these guys possibly have the time and energy to train?

When you first try Jiu-Jitsu, the reality of not being 25 anymore sets in quick. REAL QUICK.

You sign up so you can “be like water” but instead you feel like a bag of broken glass as you get smashed over and over by spazzy training partners who might be juicing.

Taking privates helps a bit, but you're always sore and it's so hard to be consistent and build momentum with your crazy schedule.

Every ounce of athleticism you once had has seemingly vanished and there's always a reason to take another week off.

What's truly keeping you from committing to Jiu-Jitsu?




60 minutes?…Yeah right. Between fighting traffic across town, coach starting 10-15 minutes late, class going overtime, chatting, showering, driving back through traffic (in LA it runs both ways), eating, catching up on texts and emails. That's 3 hours out of your busy day.




You had a spazzy sparring partner. Or you were the spaz. Either way, it was the blind fighting the blind. Your only hope to get someone off you was to explosively bridge, and possibly throw your back out. Some guys would crank after you already tapped 5 times. Every roll was a storm of elbows swinging, knees cracking, backs twisting, shoulders tweaking. How does anyone survive this?




You know, the teacher's special project, frustrating training partners and slowing down the entire class. Maybe it's because you blank out during instruction, are uncoordinated or you just don't have the flexibility to drill today's rubber guard technique. Are you one of these? All three?




Remember your late teens and early twenties when you were a glutton for punishment? You could train two days in a row no problem. Now your muscles and joints are so sore that it's hard to get out of bed. Maybe you could show up for class 3 days later. So how do you build any momentum?




Remember that adrenaline rush fighting for your first sub? Was it a triangle? Or smashing through someone's guard? Win or lose, there's something epic about the struggle of Jiu-Jitsu. But then there's the other kind of struggle–adulting. It's hard. And you feel guilty taking time away from projects and family just to play murder yoga with the boys. So now you daydream about training in Zoom meetings and scroll newsfeeds to distract yourself from that void.

If you've dealt with one or more of these, I have good news for you.


Hi, I'm Patrick.

I've made a career forcing Jiu-Jitsu onto people who SHOULD NOT be doing Jiu-Jitsu. Let me explain…

As a brown belt with 8 years of training, I won a qualifier tournament to face the #1 grappler in the world, Gordon Ryan. Unfortunately, I lost that match.

But this experience, along with being awarded my black belt soon after, gave me the confidence to teach at Master Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters in Downtown LA.

There were few teaching slots and no classes before 11AM, so I jumped on the opportunity to launch a 6AM program. I figured there must be downtown commuters who wanted to train early and skip rush-hour traffic.

I had two, sometimes three students on any given day. My old training partners thought I was insane for getting up this early (I was the only one who didn't smoke weed).

Slowly but surely more started trickling in as I gave away all the secrets that had gotten me to the highest levels of the sport.


But I kept hearing the same complaints from white belts.

40 year-olds with stiff hips would try to drill rubber guard at 6:30am…it wasn't happening.

And if they survived technique drills, they couldn't handle the intensity of rolling. It was a choice between not rolling, or rolling, then having to take weeks off from soreness.

So many were beating themselves up for their own inconsistency. Even worse, some would quit.

So I developed safety protocols. I adapted a yoga flow to prime the body for Jiu-Jitsu.

I'd shrink down live drills into positional ‘Micro-Battles' so that students could face realistic resistance without the threat of getting their shoulder cranked by a kimura out of nowhere.

Learning how to move technically and methodically react to threats resulted in student's experiencing fewer injuries and far better consistency.


Then there was this other problem.

Guys who'd just gotten through beginner's hell and were gaining momentum would suddenly vanish. I'd hit them up to find out what happened.

Life happened.

One just had his third kid. Another didn't have time to drive from Venice to Downtown LA. Another was an actor shooting movies and couldn't risk a black eye.

When they'd ask if I could train them at their house, I'd say what every other Jiu-jitsu coach says: “If you ain't rolling at the gym, you ain't doing real Jiu-Jitsu.”

But these guys loved the gentle art, so I agreed to show up and coach them anyway.

In answering this challenge of bringing the gym to their home, I rediscovered the most ancient and eternal wisdom of martial arts, and I’m eager to share it with you.



Starting on the path to Jiu-Jitsu mastery doesn't have to be complicated — train where you are, when you want, 1-on-1 with a professional coach who keeps it fun, safe, and simple.

Imagine popping over from your desk straight to the mats in the next room. While most Angelenos are sitting in traffic you just polished off the final paragraph of that email that must go out tonight.

Your Jiu-Jitsu session starts with a simple movement that gets the heart pumping and sweat pouring. To-do lists, decision points and frustrating people dissolve from your mind.

Then you learn a new triangle choke detail that works for your shorter legs. During live rounds you resist the urge to panic tap and work your way through your coach's calculated top pressure. You breathe, calm your mind and execute the escape you learned in the previous session.

It's 5pm. Email sent. Workout done. Limbs and back still intact.

You've won the day.

So the question isn't, how do the world's top performers have time for training?

The real question is, how does anyone stay at the top of their craft without Jiu-Jitsu?

Here's how we do it…




We'll set you up for success. We'll install portable mats into your home, garage or office and supply all of the necessary apparel and protective gear. We'll determine the exact schedule and training frequency that fits your lifestyle.




Whether in the streets or the gym, we train you to be able to defend yourself and control the fight wherever it goes–from the feet to the floor, top or bottom. With a killer combination of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals and modern no-gi 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, we'll turn you into a cold blooded assassin.




Imagine the perfect training partner–someone who won't crank quickly on that armbar. Someone who fixes the angle so you can actually lock up your triangle. Someone who keeps you accountable to finish every last kimura sit-up so you get that six pack. Someone who gives you the right resistance for you to try the move of the day and grow your game. This is exactly what we are trained to do for you.




“Let's roll” is where the magic happens. Where you become the person who can perform under literal pressure. Where you methodically escape that leg lock instead of panicking. Where you burn 1,000 calories and barely notice because it was so much fun. Where BJJ becomes as addicting as video games. You lose track of time, you're in your body, your mind is firing. You're in flow.


‎”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
-Bruce Lee



Acquire the ultimate problem solving framework to improve your jiu-jitsu, work, and relationships.



Make your body unbreakable with drills that increase strength, mobility and endurance.



Confidence starts with having a plan. Understand how to deal with real life situations that may involve punches and even weapons.



Have a vision and execute from getting the takedown to controlling dominant ground position to securing the submission.



Train yourself in the 3 most essential hip movements to make the ground your ally instead of lava.



Learn how to close distance, control an opponent, and force the fight to the ground.



Be confident starting any roll (or fight) off your back, using your legs as your strongest weapon.



Learn how to use 100%  of your weight, whether big or small, to establish top control, advance position, and set up submissions.



Learn how to calmly attack and defend within BJJ's most feared region of the fight–leg locks.



Learn how to set goals and sustain training for years so you can advance from white to blue to purple to brown, and finally to your black belt.


I loved Jiu-Jitsu but it was discouraging being smaller than most of my training partners and not being able to actually apply the techniques I was being taught in class. After taking a few years off because of Covid I decided to give it another shot by taking privates with Patrick. It completely transformed the way I roll using my size as an advantage and getting all the reps and resistance I need to keep progressing. Now I have a clear plan of attack whether rolling in my garage with Patrick or at the gym against bigger training partners.

Noel Fisher, 38

Actor, Entrepreneur

Having just had my third kid, all under the age of 5, I had no time to drive to and from the gym for classes. So Patrick brought the gym to me. We set up mats in my backyard and did privates, keeping me on course with all of the classes I was missing and getting the best workouts of my life. I'm so grateful I didn't have to choose between my kids and my own physical health. And proud to say I earned my blue belt.

Chris Rhoads, 39

Film Director

As a 56 year old practitioner, my goal is to last in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu as long as possible. Unfortunately training partners in class don't always look out for each other's health, so rolling with Patrick helps me experience high level black belt pressure while knowing he won't be reckless and injure me. I'm thrilled to be still training with no end in sight!

Jeff Hackert, 56

Software Designer, E-Comm Consultant

Patrick makes no-gi Jiu-Jitsu so much easier to learn than any other teacher I've had. I started 20 years ago but took years off because all of my acting jobs were during the day. And night time was reserved for family. I started training with Patrick and was able to get back into classes too. Now when I'm able to make it into class for rolling I have an exact plan and am ready to kill.

David Michie, 50

Actor, Writer


What's the difference between a BJJ private versus a Concierge Jiu-Jitsu session?

Privates take place at the gym/dojo with time slots constrained by the class schedule and instructor's  personal schedules. Private training curriculum typically serves as a supplement to improve the performance of students already attending classes.

With Concierge Jiu-Jitsu, the client receives full customization and preference. The session typically takes place at the client's home or office–a spacious room, backyard shaded area, garage–on their preferred day of the week and time of day.  The curriculum is designed to give the client the full Jiu-Jitsu experience that replicate the class training and mitigates the risk of reckless training partners.

Is Concierge Jiu-Jitsu too advanced for me?

Concierge Jiu-Jitsu curriculum and training intensity is catered to the client's exact stage of development from zero experience all the way to black belt.

How do we get started with Concierge Jiu-Jitsu?

We start with a discovery call to determine your goals and potential personal obstacles that could stand in the way of those goals. Once we've agreed on a package that can help you achieve your goals a Concierge Jiu-Jitsu coach will visit your proposed location of training to measure for mat space and discuss other logistical specifics. Then we schedule the first session and start you on the path toward BJJ mastery.

How much does Concierge Jiu-Jitsu cost?

The typical range for this investment is between $10,000 and $2,000. This mostly depends on the client's preferred number of sessions per week, which can be determined during the discovery phase. You may fill out the application below to begin this process.

What gear or equipment do I need?

As part of the Concierge Jiu-Jitsu service, all gear can be provided at cost to client. See all listed below:


  • Mats
  • Grappling Shorts (gym/board shorts okay, no pockets)
  • Rash Guard (form-fitting gym shirt okay)
  • Compression Shorts
  • Mouth Guard (for self-defense practice, light punches)


  • Cup & Jock Strap
  • Ear Guards
  • Compression Tights

How much time do I need to commit per week?

This depends on your schedule and goals. The minimum amount of time per week would be 60 minutes (1 session). This may scale up to 3-7 hours per week depending on how many sessions you'd like to train and the solo drills that are assigned to improve your strength and mobility between sessions.

As a concierge Jiu-Jitsu client can I take classes also?

Yes! You may join 10th Planet Headquarters (DTLA) or any other Jiu-Jitsu gym local to your area and use the Concierge Jiu-Jitsu service as a weekly supplement to fit more training in and get technical secrets to make you unstoppable for class rolls.

Are belts awarded to students in Concierge Jiu-Jitsu?

Yes. Belt promotions are awarded within the Concierge Jiu-Jitsu program. From white belt to black belt, each promotion is earned on the basis of skill, sustained dedication, and rate of personal improvement. Special arrangements can be made for students who train at another gym outside of 10th Planet or Concierge Jiu-Jitsu.

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