Stop getting ragdolled and jumpstart your journey to becoming a 10th Planet Assassin.

New slots for The Intensive open February 1, 2023.

What do all of these guys have in common?

They're all either bored or laughing.

All while being savagely attacked.

Meanwhile you're driving home from Jiu-Jitsu like…

(car crying gif).


Let me guess…

You want to be a 10P asassasin but you can't stop getting smashed and never remember the techniques you just drilled in class.

You want to feel flow state that Joe Rogan talks about but all you feel is frustration.

You've gotten good at a few techniques here and there but you remain mystified as to how you can actually compete against technical practitioners or last long enough actually earn your blue belt.

Welcome to the story of every new white belt. I've been there too.

Panic rather than problem solving.

Passion but no confidence.

Stiffness instead of flow.

Good news! I can help you change all of that…

Introducing the…

3-Secrets BJJ Intensive

Acquire the knowledge and reps to become a 10th Planet assassin.

The 3-Secrets BJJ Intensive will train you in everything you need from how to close the distance against any opponent,, how to control position, and how to finish with a submission.


Hi, I'm Patrick Donabedian and I designed this Intensive to help you: