The D’arce Choke Collection

Enjoy one of the most satisfying and effective strangleholds in all of Jiu-Jitsu. I'll continue to update this post with more D'arce choke displays across BJJ and MMA competition so feel free to suggest additional free fight clips you've found.

Robert Drysdale vs Marcelo Garcia: D'arce Counter to Single Leg Takedown


Tony Ferguson vs Edson Barboza: D'arce Choke Off Snapdown Scramble


Dillon Danis vs Joe Lauzon: D'arce Choke with Kneecut Pass Set-Up

UFC's D'arce Choke Collection


Mitch Clarke vs Al Iaquinta: Ghost Escape to D'arce from Bottom Side Control (view at

Paulo Thiago vs Mike Swick: D'arce Counter to Underhook from Top Half Guard (view at

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  • Jay

    Great collection! I remember when I was introduced to the d’arce that it was covered from many positions. Having it in the repertoire is a necessity!
    Thanks for gathering these examples

    • Patrick Donabedian

      You’re welcome Jeremiah! I agree—it’s everywhere, and it’s so damn satisfying

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