In his 4th EBI appearance, Garry Tonon once again delivers flash and psaz against Stephen Martinez. Enjoy…

BJJ Notes: Garry Tonon vs Stephen Martinez

[1:28] Garry Tonon's Trip Takedown. This trip is more conventionally set up from a russian tie (2-on-1) Garry Tonon drops his head level to bait a front headlock. This bait allow Garry to have extra connection in order to get the trip in a sacrifice fall style.

[1:55] Garry Tonon's back defense. Garry doesn't simply stand up to make Stephen Martinez fall over the top. He uses hand fighting to break Martinez's seatbelt. That's why it worked.

[3:05] Garry Tonon being Garry Tonon. Simply beautiful standup footwork and acrobatics from GT.

[3:50] Garry Tonon's Side Control Escape. He uses ratchet bridging to get Stephen Martinez away from his hips and farther north. This is good to remember because most practitioners only try to shift the top opponent in the southern direction.

[4:26] Garry Tonon with another trip. Beautiful Russian Tie 2-on-1 to trip takedown.

[4:55] Backtake Sequence

  • The Body Lock truck entry. Garry uses a truck entry to take the back. They key note here is that you can take the back with head to hips rather than head-head / hips-hips. THe truck/twister allow you to incrementally rotate to the standard head-head back control. And it's easier to win the reace around the corner when there's a mutual back chase.

[5:05] The Rear Naked Choke

  • Mandible strangle. As Garry Tonon forgoes the seatbelt and goes straight to the RNC, you can see that he does not get underneath Stephen Martinez's chin. You might think that Martinez tapped to jaw pain, but most likely it was still a choke because the RC strangles the sides and back of the neck where 4 arteries reside.
  • 10 Second Strangle Rule. I always tell my students to use the 10 second rule to finish strangles. Count to 10 and increase your effort by 10% with each second.
  • Leg Hooks Distraction. When finishing a choke it's often a good tactic to allow the opponent to free himself from the back hooks which takes his attention away from defending the choke.

All-Time EPIC Moment:

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